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I'll be your mirror

My story

Human Resources has been my home for many years, mainly recruitment and training. Until the day I became a mother. This completely and unexpectedly overturned my life. It made me rethink my priorities.

I wished to have a more meaningful job. The only way I felt I could really work according to my values was by starting my own business, where "human" is central.

HR Freelancer and Coach is now my career path. Working with people and making a difference, however small. That's my core business!


In "Carole's Coaching Hub" I can truly bring my passions to life: people, animals and languages. 
You'll find that I'm an enthusiastic person, passionate about life. I also love taking time and enjoying the small things in life.


Carpe diem! 

What's your source of energy?

Career Coaching

How is your career doing? Do you still find the energy to get up and go to work in the morning? Or do you believe it's time for a breath of fresh air? Find out what Career Coaching can do for you and what effect it can have. Contact me for a first appointment free of charge.

Career Coaching is all about you. It's not necessarily about changing jobs or discussing your cv. During our meetings, we'll look at the person you are, finding out what drives you, what blocks you and what your values are. Find your fire within by looking at yourself with a new pair of eyes.


I'm a Career Coach at A-Lissome, a professional centre for career coaching and recognized by the VDAB.

This means that you may qualify for career vouchers and therefore only pay 10euro/hour. Find out more about it on https://www.vdab.be/loopbaanbegeleiding.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes (Marcel Proust)

HR Consulting

In need of temporary HR reinforcement? You want HR-support during a transitional period? Let's connect!

Thanks to my passion for HR and my knowledge of languages (NL-FR-Eng), I had the opportunity to work on different HR-topics such as recruitment, training, administration, development and implementation of HR projects...you could say I'm an HR-centipede!  

It's important to me to have a transparent client relationship and to find solutions my client can identify himself with as well as  his employees. By working together I strongly believe that we are able to obtain wonderful results!

My added value? As a professional coach I listen to your true needs. I'm not satisfied with "what meets they eye". It's what lies beneath that is key. Only then can we work towards a common goal.


You see a problem? I see the solution!


Contact me! Looking forward to our collaboration.​

Where does your quest lead you?

Life Coaching

You're dynamite, very active, never stopping. Everything's a priority and saying "no" is not an option. Do you feel you're outrunning yourself? Is your life being lived for you? Do you recognize any of it? Get in touch.

We have the tendancy to do a lot for others, therefore forgetting ourselves, always wanting to do what's right. Adrenaline drives us somehow. Or is it social approval we're after? Selfpreservation is no luxury. It allows you to find energy again and be aware of your boundaries.


Rediscover yourself and find out how you can be present for others differently.  


« I’d rather look back at my life and say I can’t believe I did that

instead of saying I wish I did that. »

Joel Annesley

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